SDPA would like to acknowledge and thank all the past presidents for their contributions to SDPA!

We wouldn't be where
we are without your
foresight and advancement
of the profession!

Past Presidents

SDPA Past President 2019-2020

Vicki Blake, CP
Vicki joined Duncan Law Firm in Sioux Falls office in July, 2009.  She assists attorneys Drew Duncan and Amanda Engel.  After 25 years working with attorneys, Vicki achieved a personal goal of earning her Certified Paralegal designation in May 2007 through the National Association of Legal Assistants.  She was voted South Dakota’s paralegal of the year in 2008-2009.  She has also served on various SDPA committees as well as representing the association as NALA Liaison, First Vice President and now President. She has attended two national NALA education seminars.  


Vicki is a member of the National Association of Legal Assistants, Second Circuit Women in Law and the South Dakota Trial Lawyers’ Association.  She works primarily in the areas of governmental and regulatory business, business law and domestic relations.  Vicki enjoys spending time with family and friends, and enjoys watching hockey in the winter and riding motorcycle in the summer.


Vicki’s practice philosophy is to provide each client with the best possible personal, professional service, and to treat clients as she would wish her family be treated.


2019-2020 Vicki Blake, CP
2018-2019 Jennifer X. Frederick, CP
2017-2018 Jessica Huyck, ACP
2015-2017 Janet Miller, ACP
2014-2015 Becky Purington, ACP
2013-2014 Christi Weideman, ACP
2012-2013 Dixie Murphy, CP
2011-2012 Tammy Ackerman, CP
2010-2011 Cindy Smeins, ACP
2009-2010 Kayne Larimer, ACP
2008-2009 Dixie A. Bader, CP
2007-2008 Becky Purington, ACP
2006-2007 Jennifer Pravecek, ACP
2005-2006 Michelle Schmidt, ACP
2004-2005 Rhonda Rentz, CP
2003-2004 Rosie Kean, CLNC, CNLCP
2002-2003 Chris Lillo, ACP
2001-2002 Don Bender, CP (deceased)
2000-2001 Shiloh MacNally, Esquire
1999-2000 Cheryl Brewer, CP
1998-1999 Terri Miller, CP
1997-1998 Joan Gillespie, CP
1996-1997 Dennyce Korb, CP
1995-1996 Michael Bultema
1994-1995 Dory Maks
1993-1994 Pam van Engelenhoven, CP
1992-1993 Debra Niemi, CP
1991-1992 Louise Peterson, CP
1990-1991 Cindy Johnson, CP
1989-1990 Karen Jaqua, CP